What Is A Flexible Closing???

A flexible closing exactly how it sounds. It’s flexible, so it can change. It’s malleable. We can close whenever you want. You can choose the closing date. That could be 30, 45, 60, 90 days out and if on the 51st day, let’s say, you say you got everything you had in the property out and you’re out of the property, awesome. We can close right then and there.

A difference between us and a normal house buyer is that they’re moving from their house into yours. You can’t be there and your stuff can’t be there. What we’re doing is we’re buying the house and we’re going to fix it up and resell it. We’re fixing everything up, so we’re not going to be living in the property. How does that benefit you? It’s nice because it’s less stress. You can actually go through all your stuff and you’re not stressed on this date. Oh, I have to move.

I remember there was this one lady, Gerry, she had a house in El Cajon. She actually didn’t live there which was kind of funny. She just had it as almost like her storage unit. It’s like she just stored all her stuff there and she lived in another house. She wanted a long close, and when she was done with getting everything out, we could close. So, that’s what we did.

It was probably, I don’t know, probably the 70th day or something like that that she called me and said, Brian, everything’s out. Everything that I need, I took out of the property. Everything else is yours. You just do what you want and that’s what we do too. We take stuff, give it to charity, and/or if it’s junk, we just throw it away. We take care of all of that for you. So, that was really cool because she didn’t have to be out at this certain date and if it extended, we’re good, but if you want to close sooner, we can. Whatever she wanted to do. So, that was great.

Obviously, every person is different and we can design anything specific to your situation. That’s one good thing about using a cash buyer is that flexible closing for seniors. It gives you that freedom, less stress, convenience of moving when you want to move, and not having this deadline approaching and this stress because moving isn’t fun. It always takes longer than you think. It just does. My wife despises moving. I don’t think we’re ever going to move because she hates it that much. Anyway, that’s a long story.

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