The Greatest Compliment..

This is truly our favorite section.  Every time we buy a house and a homeowner gives us a testimonial it just makes us so happy.  Every house we buy has a story, that is the main reason we do what we do.  We love to hear peoples stories.  Everyone has one! And this helps us remind us.  We are truly thankful for everyone we have worked with.  Here are a few and excited to add more:



World Class House Buyers Testimonial

Escondido Townhome Success! “Thanks for your clean offer and easy close”-Brian D.



Gorgeous Remodel in Escondido!!

Brian, we got Confirmation for 620 Camellia St. It’s confirmed. Ty and hope I get a few more fixers next year and I will sure let you know first. Ty and you have a Happy New Year’s!“-Melba(Agent)

Happy Ending in Escondido!!

“Yes we just moved in the day before yesterday and loving it. You were fantastic and very respectful. Thank you from both of us.” -Evelyn

Thanks for making it easy during this tough time!!

That looks great. Your guys did a great job I do appreciate all you did to help us.

- Bob W.

Yay! Thx for all your help Brian!!

- Jason S.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with my grandsons. Onward and upward to a better life, thank you very much!”

- Barbara P.-Vista
Dana/James- Idyllwild, CA
Thank you Brian for being supportive and understanding with the tenants and closing. Not often do we see company’s that do the right thing for people . This was a team effort to close and a great experience. Thank you for being understanding to Mr Slusser medical needs as well. I hope the property become what it should have been and makes someone very happy. Thank you
- Dana/James- Idyllwild, CA

Holly is Excellent! Funds to transfer on Monday. Thank you much… I’ll have a cold one on you!

- John-Imperial Beach

Thank you Brian, it was great meeting you.  Good luck with the house!

- Rebecca M. -San Diego
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