Selling Your Property? It’s All About Options!!

Selling Your Property? It’s All About Options!!

Hey, this is Brian Sullivan with World Class Ventures, your local San Diego house buyer. I want to discuss a property and a seller that I’ve met with in Ramona. We buy houses all the way to Ramona, as well, so if you have a house in Ramona, give me a call.

I met with the seller and her house was probably one of the more unique houses I’ve ever seen. The biggest issue with it is it had a bad roof. So the roof, guaranteed, it needed fixing. The other parts of the house just needed updating, and things like that. Because when we buy a house and then put money back into it and try to resell it, it just has to look the part, it has to have all the newer things and newer appliances, the new colors, and all those kinds of things to attract buyers.

This seller, the reason she wants to sell is she’s just had some health issues going on, and so it’s just a lot for her to handle. I dug in more into it and just looked how much it would cost us to rehab it, and then, also, with our hard money costs and all these other things combined, I gave her an offer.

And she’s still thinking about it. She’s just not sure about it. I looked at it and, really, at the same time, our offer may not be the best for her. It may be that she just takes her time and fixes it up and then resells it, or lists with an agent and just have it kind of more an as-is. That might take a little longer, because you have to find the kind of the right buyer there. With a lot of people, it’s tough to take something like that on.

But what I’m trying to get to is we are not always the best option for someone. With this particular case, I’m leaning more towards, I think she probably should just list it and she’ll probably net more money on on this.   It’s just more, it’s just an option. You should, anytime you go through, it’s a big thing to sell your home, your property. So when you do that, it’s great to call a real estate agent, it’s great to call a cash buyer, such as myself.

You have what someone like me, which is an as-is, close whenever you want, you can even stay a little longer after the close, those kinds of things we’re a little more flexible with. Or you talked to an agent and they probably have a good idea on what that property will sell for. And then, minus your fees out, minus their fees out and the closing costs, all of those kinds of things. And it may work out best for you to just to do that.

All I’m saying here is that the most important part is options. Always look at different options and have them there. You may find out that one option is just so much more important to you than the other. That’s really more what I’m getting at. Please, please, please, when you’re about to sell a home, always give a cash buyer call, give an agent a call, get as much information as you can. The more information have, the better off you’ll be.

If you’re interested, we buy houses all the way to Ramona and also anywhere in San Diego County. Give us a call at (760) 201-0911 or visit us at

That’s Wilson, Charlie, Victor, house buyers, plural, .com.

Brian Sullivan: All right. Hope you have a great Friday and I’ll talk you later.

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Selling Your Property? It's All About Options!!
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